The First Tree – Two Stories, One Game


Developing a game is a huge undertaking, which makes The First Tree incredible considering it was developed by 1 person, David Wehle.

The First Tree is a third-person exploration game centered around two different storylines. On one hand, you have a fox trying to find her missing cubs, and on the other, you have the story of a young couple dealing with a tragedy in their family. If you’ve played Fire Watch, then you should feel right at home playing this game.

You play as the fox, discovering artifacts from the young couples life on its philosophical adventure to the mysterious “First Tree”. Eventually, the fox’s story and the couples start to align. We don’t want to give too much of this a way, but the game did a very good job of making me question the meaning of life and death.

David did very well developing a game with a straight forward and simple design, focusing on the story aspect, but also keeping the game visually appealing. Everything within the environment fits, from the trees and rocks (the texturing and its simplicity is actually brilliant), to the changing weather and foliage.

Wehle expects players will complete the game in just and hour or two, and because of this, the price was set fairly low as a result. The game initially came out with only English language options, but has an “open fan translation system” that’s included to allow people to work on additional languages themselves.

The First Tree can be found on Steam.

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