How to Schedule Posts on Facebook For Free

By Tim Youngblood

You don’t need a third party platform like Hootsuite to schedule posts on Facebook anymore. Now you can do it in the Facebook interface for free! We’ll show you how to do it.

I’ve been pretty critical of Facebook as both a marketing platform and a plague on society’s collective intelligence, but every once in a while, Zuckerburg and the boys do a good thing. Social media marketing has very much become a “pay to play” game in recent years but it’s still the best marketing platform for low budget studios. Allowing users to schedule posts for free is great for indie developers and studios because they can get their post volumes up without having to pay for a tool or marketing agency. As Martha Stewart would say, “it’s a good thing.”


Facebook is easily the largest social media platform for marketing. Graph courtesy of Road Warrior Creative.


How to Schedule a Post on Facebook

Scheduling posts on Facebook is as easy as clicking another button in the regular posting options. Start by logging into Facebook and going to your game or studio’s page. At the top of the feed in the center of your page, you should see a button that says “Create Post”. Below that, you should see posting options and a button that says “Share Now” that has a little arrow pointing downward on the button. Click the down arrow, then select and click “Schedule”. All you have to do now is select a date and time on the calendar. Congrats, you did it.


It really is just one extra button.


What Kind of Posts Should Game Developers Schedule on Facebook?

Scheduling a post is easy, but knowing what to use it for can be more tricky. There are two types of posts that I find scheduling to be extremely helpful for: keeping up with daily posts, and press releases/announcements. Let’s break em down!


Scheduling Daily Posts and Keeping up with Them

A common theme in social media marketing is that quantity matters. A page that posts a few memes every day will become more popular than a page that posts helpful tutorials, good journalism, or in-depth previews of their game.

This doesn’t mean that posting things of intellectual value isn’t worth your time, you just need to sprinkle in some light-hearted fluffy stuff so Facebook’s algorithm sees your page as more active. The easiest way to do this is to schedule a screenshot from your game to come out every day. Uploading images to Facebook can be tedious, so doing all those posts once a week or once a month will save time and sanity.


In today’s society, posting dank memes can sure be a chore…


Using Facebook Scheduling to Coordinate a Release

Whether you’re releasing your game, announcing it, or seeking crowdfunding, coordinating the announcement across multiple platforms is crucial. This means developers have to send a ton of emails, make a press release page on their website, and make posts across multiple social media platforms all at once. This can’t be done without scheduling. You can learn more about the importance of press releases and email marketing in this tutorial: Tips and Tricks for Free Indie Game Marketing and Promotion.


Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and emails all have free tools built in so you can schedule posts. Next time, I’ll go over how to schedule posts on Twitter!