Origin Story Dev Blog 002: Oh the Foliage

Ferns, oaks, sticks, grass, logs, bushes, you name it! This last week the continent of Adagio started getting plant life.

For reference, the first continent in the game is named “Adagio”.

Now what you’re not seeing is that I also added 2 new zones to the map, why? BECAUSE MOAR IS BETTER…or something. I want to bring a full and diverse world to you the players, and to do that I needed to add a little extra land.

Back to plant life. I was able to get the first two zones (newb island, and the next zone to it) populated with all sorts of plant life, but what really brought the world to life so far was animating it, having the plant life flow in the wind has really helped bring the world a bit of life. I also added in random rocks and debris.  8 flowing, majestic waterfalls were also introduced to the world and I fixed the lakes/streams feeding them to flow appropriately as well.

Waterfall implementation before foliage!

This week I will be populating the rest of the world with foliage (only 13 more zones to go!). It may take me longer than a week to get it all in (currently working 5-6 hours a day on this AFTER my day job), but even so I’ll still write an update / post screenshots of the progress next week.

I have 14 different kinds of trees, 12 different kinds of grass, 10 different kinds of flowers, 8 different kinds of mushrooms and 12 different kinds of bushes to create a bunch of unique environments.  I think the man made items  are what will really set this world apart from the rest. I have to hand create all of those things in Blender still which will take some time, but most of it is buildings, they are just squares right? Whats so hard about them *rolls eyes*. Until the next update! I may end up doing a GB live Dev stream this week as well.

I’ll keep you posted!

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