Can Gag Games Be Profitable? Let’s Look at Some Kickstarters

By Tim Youngblood


Remember the good old days in the early 2000s, when flash games were becoming popular? The flash games were great because it gave gamers a platform to try lots of new games. It was also good for developers because it made publishing games much more accessible. The lucky developers made some money on ads, and some games became popular enough to build studios out of and move to other platforms. For example, the creators of Alien Hominid went on to make console games like Castle Crashers.

Another aspect of the lowered barrier of access created by flash games, for better or worse, was that developers could make very adult-themed games. These games ended up finding a home living in ads on porn sites and bootlegged streams of sporting events. I’m all for freedom of expression, so I’m not going to knock the creators of games like Ganguro Girl or Fap Titans (I LOL every time I read that title), but I don’t know if the indie game market for paid games has a market for games like those.

So without any further adieu, here are adult-themed, punny games running Kickstarter campaigns. I’ll leave whether or not they deserve funding to you readers…



If you saw this game’s title and thought “Space Invaders with Dildos”, you’d be right. DILDOS IN SPACE! is being developed by BluePine Games and features procedurally generated levels so you and your friends can shoot down STDs from your dildo ships forever…

DILDOS IN SPACE! has raised $89 of their $2,000 goal with 9 days to go. Be sure to check out their Kickstarter campaign if you want to bring the dream of piloting pixel art dildos to life.



Learn More About DILDOS IN SPACE!


Neckbeardia: Quest for the Golden Fidget Spinner

Neckbeardia is a pun-filled open world RPG based on the culture of cringy men’s online and offline personas. Players can equip an assortment of weapons, trench coats, cargo shorts, and fedoras while battling other nerds in turn-based combat, solving puzzles, and collecting cards.

Neckbeardia is being developed by Pixel Mayhem and is currently at $47 of their $4500 goal with 25 days to go. Games built around making fun of a subculture have been known to gain a cult-like following (The Emo Game comes to mind), so I wouldn’t write this game off just yet. If completed, the game is set to release on PC and Android.


Learn More About Neckbeardia

  • Neckbeardia Kickstarter
  • I couldn’t find any more info about PixelMayhem, so if you have info on their website or social media profiles, let me know so I can add them!


Waifu Fight Dango Style

Waifu Fight is basically a mix between Pong and Ganguro Girl. The game seems to teeter between the comical and cringy parts of anime culture. Players bounce little gumdrop ghost creatures back and forth across a map with anime babes (Or as they say, “busty waifus”) between the players, and of course, your gumdrop critters can bounce on their boobs… and your pong paddles are sushi, I guess.

As cringy as I find the game’s title and premise, I will give Enso Entertainment credit for the amount of work they put into both the Kickstarter campaign and the game itself. The graphics and gameplay are smooth and the studio has a clear goal. Waifu Fight is currently at $1222 of their $30000 funding goal. If you want to bring the dream of bouncing gumdrop critters from sushi to sushi while “busty waifus” combat each other by bouncing said gumdrop critters off their titties, be sure to check out Waifu Fight’s Kickstarter page! I won’t judge, you weeaboos do you…



Learn More About Waifu Fight Dango Style

  • Waifu Fight Kickstarter
  • Waifu Fight Demo *I haven’t got to play it yet, but I’m curious to see if the controls are one-handed…
  • Waifu Fight on Twitter *It looks like votes are in favor of turning Waifu Fight into a full-blown hentai game, so we may see another crowdfunding push in the future. Now I’m really curious about those one-handed controls…


What Do You Think About Gag Games?

Do you think that there is a market and price point for games like these? Is there anything gag games can do to be taken more seriously as commercial games? Do you know how many hands the Waifu Fight controls require? Let us know in the comments!