Harrow – an Indie Horror from Dream Mix

By Zac Jackson


Have you ever had a scary dream where you are super weak and unable to run away from the scary thing chasing you? Dream Mix recreated this feeling in game form with their title Harrow.



From what we know, Harrow is a culmination of several nightmares. All of these nightmares were in an old 1995-1998 horror video game setting, much like the Silent Hill series, which seems to be a huge influence for the developer of this game.



It wasn’t the creepy screenshots that influenced me to try out this game, or the SUPER CREEPY trailer, but this message by the developers in the description of this game:

By entering this game, you are entering the embodiment of the nightmares, and because of this, you should proceed with caution.

And so I did.

Loading the game up for the first time, I didn’t know what to expect. There is no typical “Start” screen. You start by carelessly walking off into the darkness, embracing¬†your fate. The graphics style resembles early PS1 games, and the developers really did a great job recreating that art style, which plays into the creepy ambiance¬†of the game.

The controls are simple, WASD to move, and the mouse controls the camera, as well as running and jumping. They don’t need to be complex because this game isn’t about crazy combat or dynamic systems. Instead, the game experience is built on fear of the unknown. There are “things that go bump in the night” in this game, and the eerie sounds that play throughout it make it feel like that are just beyond arms reach, waiting in the darkness to grab you. Because of this, there may have been screams coming from my office while myself and Game Borough’s Chief Editor Tim played through it…they definitely didn’t come from us though…I’m going to blame the boogie man.



If you are interested in learning more about this game or playing through it yourself, you can buy the game Dream Mix’s Itch.io page. We highly recommend this game if you are into the horror genre. And on that note, we will leave you with this tip from the developers.

Make sure you know the full threat that you could be putting yourself in when entering this nightmare. This is not a reference to the game, but to you.

What are some of your favorite scary indie games? We’d love to hear about them in the comments!