Origin Story Dev Blog 005: Getting back to Development

Aannnndddd I’m back. Did you miss me? I know its been a couple months since I’ve written an update, but to be dead honest with you its because I’ve been slacking. I have not been working on Origin Story lately. Instead I’ve been playing World of Warcraft and worrying about my day job stuff.

Last night I came to the conclusion that I need to get back focused on development now. This game will never be developed if I’m slacking. So I cancelled my WoW account, and started scheduling hours in my Google Calendar. I’m also having a hard time keeping up with my laundry due to my laziness so I added that to my calendar too.

My life is scheduled all day Mon-Friday, it would make sense to schedule time for Game Development and stick to it. I Scheduled for every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I’ll most likely do some development on the weekends too, but I’ll play that by ear.


So the only “real” new updates to the game is that I’ve been working with a few others to hash out some of the “spells” that our classes will use. I’ve also got my brother helping model things now. I’m still not “finished” with the natural environment. I’m adding tiny details to the game here and there to really refine the feel that I’m going for, but I should be able to get through that fairly quickly and get to the humanoid type stuff soon.

I’m working on an “evil” type material called Doku for now that is engulfing everything in its path.

Its a small part of the story line so I can’t give too much information away about it. Once I get systems in I’ll put out a trailer or something on the story line. That may be months from now though.

I’ve been having my doubts about making this a massive multiplayer. Its definitely doable. I have a good grasp on what this project entails, however is it doable in a reasonable amount of time? I have a small handful of people who do help me a little here and there (and I am very grateful for them), but is it going to be enough? How do you go about getting people involved in your project? I need to do some more research. In the next blog I hope to have some more significant updates as this one was pretty weak. I am going to do better. I will complete development of this game.


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