Origin Story Dev Blog 003: All The Zones!

Hi everyone! I know, its been a hot minute since I given everyone a sneak peak of Origin Story so we figured for this update, we would do a quick video preview of each zone.

Many updates have been added to the game. Since our last update we’ve added 7 new zones! We decided that overall, there wasn’t enough diversity in the world as a whole, so we included new zones, but also expanded some of the already existing zones.

On top of this, all weather has been implemented. The next step will be to set the weather patterns to be more randomized, and less consistent. I still need to go through and add overhangs, caves, and other “underground” related content. I am hoping to do that sometime this week, because after I get all of that handled, I can start working on the “Humanoid” type objects ( fences, houses, towers, etc).  You can expect 5 races ( 3 playable) and because of this, I need to design 5 different types of houses, shops, and such so that may take a while. I am mostly excited for that step because I really feel thats when the game will start to get its character.

I live streamed a couple of times on Twitch this last week as a test, but I should be doing it more often now that I’ve figured it out, so expect streams to happen more frequently in the coming months.

Slowly but surely it is coming together. What zone was your favorite? Comment below!

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