Indie Game Kickstarter Highlights: April 2018

By Tim Youngblood


It’s time for the monthly Kickstarter roundup! Here are the games with campaigns that started back in April that caught my eye!

Solar Warden

Solar Warden is a six-degrees-of-freedom space fighter developed by Polar Zenith in Unreal Engine. Solar Warden isn’t just any space shooter, it’s also a fleet-based RTS with a campaign that forces the players to manage the expectations and egos of countries all around the world to secure funding for their fleet. The campaign is also full co-op!

What drew me to this game was how it combines so many different genres using a feature they call “telepresence”. Players have an entire world to protect and deploy on missions accordingly (Like XCOM), they then have control of a fleet (Kind of like EVE), and then they can take control of individual ships in combat (Like Colony Wars).

With 6 days left on their campaign and $15,000 to go, it’s going to be a photo finish for Polar Zenith and Solar Warden!


Learn More About Solar Warden

Black Geyser: Couriers of Darkness

Some of my favorite games growing up were Balder’s Gate and Icewind Dale. Isometric graphics were a staple of PC games in the late 90’s and early 2000’s, and I think that look always ages well. So of course, I got excited when Grape Ocean Technologies announced Black Geyser, which was developed in Unity and continues in that vein.

Although the graphics in Black Geyser don’t look much more modern than the classics, it’s what’s under the hood that counts. Black Geyser was developed to have NPCs whose alignment is constantly shifting due to a curse in the game world that causes characters to be seduced by greed — even within your own party!). This will hopefully make for a lot of unique playthrough experiences. As much as I loved making new party combos in Icewind Dale, the story and experience didn’t change much, so I’m excited to see what dynamic and shifting allegiances can bring to one of my favorite game genres!

Black Geyser has already met its funding goal and is set to release in August 2019! A small donation can still unlock some stretch goals and guarantees access to the Beta.


Learn More About Black Geyser


Forest of Liars was developed by Umesha Lovers, a dev team in France. Forest of Liars is a narrative driven game where players must traverse the treacherous forest of liars, where many have entered and few have returned. Players will encounter NPCs and new party members whose motivations are not always clear and have a good chance of betraying you. If you can traverse the politics and dangers of the forest, you’ll get a chance to solve its mysteries.

Narrative-adventure games are becoming quite common, but I was really drawn to the artwork in this game. Every frame looks like a painting. I’m a bit biased on this, but I love that CloZee, one of my favorite music producers, is doing the in-game soundtrack. Since there isn’t a demo, I can’t be sure of the gameplay itself, but the artistry alone should generate a lot of interest.

Forest of Liars has 15 days left on its campaign and is about one-third of the way to reaching its funding goal.


Learn More About Forest of Liars


As always, there are too many crowdfunding projects for me to include them all. Is there a game on Kickstarter that you want to see on the list? Let us know in the comments!

Author: Tim Youngblood

Tim is the editor and community manager for Game Borough. By day, he's a contributor for All About Circuits, DIY Hacking, and CannabisTech. By night, he's probably embarrassing himself and his team online because he hasn't been good at a game since Magicka Wizard Wars (RIP). If you see a character named "Tmoney", you probably won't have much trouble ganking him.

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  1. That was the other game I was thinking about including! I just couldn’t fit them all. I haven’t got a chance to download the demo yet, but from what I was reading about it, I couldn’t find much to separate it from Diablo or Path of Exile (I was a little confused on how the time travel system worked too). So that’s why Last Epoch didn’t make it on the list 🙁

    I really hope they can hit their $300,000 stretch goal to get PvP modes!

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